Transfer Credit Policies

Course Transfer Credits
  • PECB University accepts transfer of credits for college-level courses that correspond closely with the courses provided as part of our programs.
  • In order for transfer of credits to be accepted, credits should have been awarded by an accredited institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Higher Education or the equivalent for international institutions, and the student must have earned a grade of “C” or higher.
Prior Experiential Learning
  • PECB University accepts transfer of credits for prior experiential learning which might include professional certifications or trainings, but no employment experiences.
  • In order for transfer of credits to be accepted, a student should provide evidence that through such an experience he or she has gained comparable knowledge, skills and competencies with the objectives of the course/s for which credit transfer is sought.
  • Award of credit for experiential learning is determined by PECB University faculty and administrative team.
Maximum Allowable Transfer Credit
  • Students may transfer a maximum of 50% of credits whether from courses taken at other institutions or from prior experiential learning.
  • Transfer of credits is accepted only if the requested course credits fall into the category of specialization and elective courses at PECB University.
  • Credits for core courses and thesis cannot be transferred.
  • The transferred credits are counted towards credits required for the degree, but are not calculated on student’s cumulative GPA.
  • Transfer of credit shall be accepted only if the student has earned a grade of C or above for the course at the other institution.
  • We will as well accept transfer of PECB training courses, provided that they are relevant to the PECB University programs.
  • In order to be eligible for the transfer, the student should demonstrate attendance of a training by providing the course completion certificate, and should present the Lead Implementer/Lead Auditor certificate.
Transferring PECB University Credits
  • Acceptance of credits received at PECB University remains at the discretion of the receiving institution.
  • It is the students’ responsibility to request a credit assessment from the receiving institution in order to determine whether credits earned at PECB University are transferable.
Applying Transfer Credit to Degree Requirements
  • Before a student first enrolls for classes at the PECB University, the student meets with an academic advisor to plan a program of study.
  • The academic advisor evaluates and defines how the credits revealed on the transfer-credit evaluation may be used to meet PECB University degree requirements.
  • For instance, the Admissions Office may award a student 36 transfer credits, but only 24 of those credits can be utilized towards graduation requirements for that student’s degree platform.
  • In that case, although the transferred credits may not entirely apply to a specific program, they may be counted towards the minimum number of total credits required for graduation.
Transferring PECB Certificates to PECB University Credits

In - class courses :

  • Attendance of Records is one of the pre -requisites for the credits to be fully transferred for the candidates who have completed the courses on an in - class training mode.
  • Once the Attendance of Records is received, a Transfer of Credits Request will be sent to the student to be signed and submitted.
  • This marks the complete process of the Credit Transfer.

Self - study courses with PECB:

  • Additional Exercises will be assigned to the students who have completed the required courses on a self - study mode.
  • By this, PECB University ensures that the candidate has completed sufficient credit hours to completely transfer the credits.
  • Once the Additional Exercises are completed and submitted , a Transfer of Credits Request will be sent to the student to be signed and submitted.
  • This marks the complete process of the Credit Transfer.
Transfer credit evaluation
  • After an admitted student pays the required registration fee, the Admissions Office assesses on one-on-one basis each exchange of credit.
  • A copy of this evaluation is sent to the student, while another one is stored in student’s university records.
  • The assessment is not an official transcript.
  • The official transcript of PECB University that is released to a student upon graduation does not contain the GPA of transferred credits, or an itemized listing of the credits transferred.
Appeal Procedure
  • In the event that Admissions Office decides that some courses cannot be transferred, and the student questions this decision, the student should discuss this with the admissions officer who performed the evaluation.
  • If no decision is reached, further appeal should be directed to PECB the Admissions Office of PECB University.
Courses Receiving No Credit

PECB University reserves the right to reject credit for courses that are not comparable with those offered as part of its programs. Some general courses will not receive transfer credit.. Examples of courses that do not receive credit include:

  • Courses below master’s level.
  • Replicated courses or courses with duplicate subject content.
  • Credits earned at an institution that did not at least hold the candidacy status with an accreditation body.
  • Courses that deliver instruction in a specific religious doctrine.
  • Non-credit courses offered for continuing education units.
  • Vocational courses.


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