Frequently asked questions(FAQ)


Open University Asia (OUA) is a private university established under the licence of CTSafe that is licenced by Ho Chi Minh Planning and Investment Department, Vietnam.

On the top of that, CTSafe is accredited by the American Certification Service – Global Program (ACS-GP) under ISO/IEC 17024 – Requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. Our certifications are accredited through the ISO/IEC 17024 standards for personnel certification programs that are internationally recognized as world based professional practice.

Open University Asia  offers ISO courses such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and ISO 31000 etc that are used to transfer credits for PECB University’s Executive MBA degree programs and Graduate Certificate programs. 

Executive MBA Programs: 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Graduate Certificates programs: 

  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Management, Systems, Administration

The duration of an Executive MBA program can range between 12 and 36 months, depending on the program and the pace of students.

The average time it takes one student to complete the program is 24 months. However, if a student chooses to follow a faster pace they can complete the program in 12 months. Completing the program in one year is very ambitious and requires a lot of focus and dedication throughout the year. Alternatively, students who follow a slower pace will have up to 36 months for program completion.  

It will take students 6 to 12 months to complete a Graduate Certificate program. The completion time depends mostly on students’ work, dedication, and pace.

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Minimum of 2 years of relevant professional experience. For candidates with no prior professional experience, a GMAT score above 620 is required.
  • GPA of 3.0 or above in their bachelor’s studies.
  • English proficiency test scores, TOEFL iBT 75; ELTS 6.5.

Additional, we have 3 Pathways through the interested candidates can apply for one of the programs at PECB University. To read more about the application process please check our Admission Requirements section.

Yes. Since our programs are career-focused, all candidates must have at least 2 years of related work experience. Those that do not meet the work experience requirements must submit their GMAT test scores.

PECB University uses the cumulative unweighted GPA, based on a 4.0 scale.

  1. Completed application form (available upon request or through this link)
  2. Copy of the bachelor’s diploma
  3. Official grade transcript
  4. 2 reference letters
  5. English proficiency test scores (if applicable)
  6. Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  7. Personal statement
  8. Copy of passport
  9. Application fee

The Application form can be submitted online on our website or can be sent at The documents should be scanned and sent as PDF Files.

Students should pay an USD 100 application fee that is related with processing their applications.

No. The application fee is one-time, non-refundable fee. Regardless of student’s admission status this fee is not refunded.

The University accepts applications all year round. However, please consider that term dates are set in advance, so depending on the application time some might have to wait until the nearest term begins. To review enrollment dates please consult the University Catalog.

If your original degrees, certificates, academic transcripts, or other relevant documents are not in English, you must provide an officially certified translation.

Yes. We only accept official transcripts issued and stamped by the issuing institution. Scanned copies are accepted; however PECB University has a right to request hardcopies in case further validation is required.

Yes. All applicants are required to submit an updated resume and a 700-1000 word personal statement in one of the topics specified in the application form.

References impact your application significantly and help us determine whether you are a right candidate for the program of interest. Therefore, it is in your best interest to include references. However, in case you finished your academic undertakings many years ago and it is impossible for you to obtain an academic reference now, you may compensate by submitting one reference from your employer/previous employer or a well-established professional who knows you well and can critically evaluate your capacities.

A response will be sent to you within 3 weeks after submitting your application.

Yes. PECB University offers generous transfer of credit opportunities.

Typically, our Specialization and Elective courses are the ones that qualify for transfer of credits. Because these courses are the equivalents of the corresponding Training courses, students have the chance to receive course credits for their existing PECB certificates and fast track their way towards the degree. The condition is that the training should be of a comparable level (Implementer, Auditor, Manager) and that the candidate should present the Attendance Records and the Professional Certificate to qualify for a credit transfer.

The university is more stringent when it comes to approving transfer credit for Business Administration Core courses. However this is possible if students satisfy the following conditions:

  • Provide a course description including learning outcomes
  • Provide the course syllabus
  • Provide evidence that the course is equivalent to a Master-level course
  • Must have received a grade of B or above for the course
  • Provide the official grade transcript
  • Provide evidence that the course was taken at an accredited institution
  • Must have completed the course within the last 5 years

Credits are transferred officially only after the student has been admitted to the university. Students have to submit the Transfer Credit Request (available upon request), where they should list the courses for which they are seeking credit transfer. The form is then evaluated by university officials and returned to the student with a final confirmation on the number of credits transferred.

For purposes of the evaluation, the student shall provide credible documentation to support the equivalency of the previously earned qualification. Depending on the request for transfer, documentation may include: official grade transcript, attendance records, certificate awarded, course syllabus outlining the course objectives and course descriptions, and a copy of a course catalog.

No, PECB University does not accept work experience for credit transfer.

Up to 50 percent of all credits required for the program.

Our programs are career-focused so we strive to give our students hands-on experience, which they can apply in the workplace right after graduation. Online lectures make our programs unique and flexible for employed candidates to fit studies in their daily schedules. With the picture of adult learner in mind, we try our hardest to keep flexibility at the center of our attention.

We guide students from enrollment to graduation, by advising them on the adequacy of programs, handling enrollment, obtaining study materials, and other academic matters.

Students enrolled in our Graduate Diploma program and in our Executive MBA programs must first complete the four Business Administration Core courses:

Business Management (12 credits)

  • Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Business Operations, Analytics, and Decisions
  • Capstone Project 1 (2nd semester)

Strategic Alignment (12 credits)

  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Law
  • Capstone Project 2 (4th semester)

These are prerequisite courses that all students must complete to be able to proceed with the rest of the program requirements. These courses are the same for every Graduate Diploma and Executive MBA program.

The faculty at PECB University is comprised of various international field experts, allowing students to gain a broader view on fields of interest. Our online model removes the location barriers for the faculty and students thus enabling us to cooperate with renowned experts. Typically faculty members are professionals with many years of experience in their respective fields.

Lectures are online and instructor led, synchronous or asynchronous. Typically the lectures are delivered on a weekly basis at the predetermined schedule and students are encouraged to attend the live sessions. However, for those students who are unable to attend the live sessions, video recordings will be published a day after the live lecture for students to review at their convenience.

PECB University operates on semester basis. The semester at PECB University consists of fifteen (15) calendar weeks of instructional time.

Business Management Core courses and Specialization and Elective courses have different length times.

Business Management Core courses are provided on semester basis. These courses are offered during the weekdays for fifteen (15) consecutive weeks.

Specialization and Elective courses are intensive courses provided on accelerated modes. Although the breadth of those is equivalent to that of the Business Administration Core courses, these follow intensive schedules. Specialization and Electives are offered either during the weekdays or on weekends. If delivered during the week, a course is provided four times per week for three weeks in total. If delivered on weekends, a course takes up to three (3) intensive weekends to complete.

These courses are taken one after the other so that the student can complete all the required four (4) within the duration of a semester.

The length of the exams/quizzes is under professors’ discretion. For the Upcoming Fall Semester 2022 the exam/quiz length for the courses, is as follows:

Upcoming Fall Semester 2022 

Business Management
Business Operations, Analytics, and Decisions3 hrs30 mins
Leadership and Organizational Behavior3 hrs30 mins
Strategic Alignment
Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Law3 hrs30 mins
Strategic Management3 hrs30 mins

Regarding the Specialization and Elective courses there is no set length of the exams, as these courses are delivered through our Academic Partners.

English is the official language used at PECB University.

All applicants whose first language is not English are required to submit an official transcript from previous studies indicating that the program has been completed in English, or submit one of the English language test scores (TOEFL or IELTS).

The ETS Institution code for PECB University is as follows:

  • Our TOEFL Institutional Code is : C989
  • Our GRE Institutional Code is: 3120
  • The minimum required score for TOEFL iBT is 75.
  • The minimum required score for IELTS is 6.5

GMAT is required only for applicants who do not fulfill the work experience requirements. For those applicants, we expect a score of no less than 620. The equivalent of GRE score will be accepted.

Yes. If you are an applicant whose test scores (TOEFL/IELTS or GMAT/GRE) are required, you should submit them as part of your application.

The admission criteria are the same for all students, whether residing in the U.S. or outside.

Please visit our program tuition and fees page at TUITION AND FEES