(July 18, 2022) – PECB University announces that starting from the academic year 2022/23 will begin cooperating with Harvard Business Publishing Education, USA. In its state of consistent growth, we would like to enhance program delivery, and premier academic output, as well as share in the success story of our global presence. This partnership enhances PECB University’s offering of Executive MBA degrees in Cybersecurity, Business Continuity Management, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

We believe that adding case studies, articles, and simulations from Harvard Business Publishing Education to our unique lecture delivery mode, specialized programs, and utilizing state-of-the-art technology for facilitating knowledge transmission and retention during students’ academic experience, capitalizes on the finest quality program deliverables that students could benefit. PECB University programs are designed to fit the specific needs of busy individuals. Our programs offer individuals the opportunity to become competitive while continuing their daily activities and given their international backgrounds, students will gain a broader outlook on present matters and adopt a mindset that allows them to approach situations from different perspectives.

About PECB University
PECB University is an independent institution of higher education focused on business education, which is inspired by the tenets of professionalism of its parent company, PECB Inc. – a world-class certification body for persons on international standards. Based on this premise, PECB University seeks to build upon this established expertise and provide future-proof academic specializations, aimed at using a coherent and updated curriculum to add value to the professional development of its students, so that students, in turn, will have the skills and knowledge to make an impact on their workplace, innovate and become pioneers of change.

PECB University’s mission is to provide top graduate-level education, unique professional development opportunities and comprehensive learning management services that inspire continuous improvement, bridge the gap between academia and the labor market, and provide knowledge that benefits individuals, change organizations, and impacts society. For further information about PECB University Executive MBA Programs, visit pecb.university

About Harvard Business Publishing Education

Harvard Business Publishing is a not-for-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard University and an affiliate of Harvard Business School. The mission of Harvard Business Publishing is to improve the practice of management and its impact on a changing world. Harvard Business Publishing Education, a division of Harvard Business Publishing, aims to deliver best-in-class learning experiences that develop courageous leaders who are ready for the world’s toughest management challenges.


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